When you use a database-driven script app for your site, all content that you or the site users add, is kept in cells and tables within a database, not as plain text in the app files. In comparison, HTML sites are static and all the content on such a site is part of the actual HTML files. A web store application, for instance, pulls all the prices, items, user reviews, etc, from its database and this is valid for any other script which allows you to build a dynamic website. The more the information you include, the larger the database gets, so when you employ a script-driven website, you need to make sure that your hosting plan features enough database storage space. The aforementioned applies regardless of the kind of databases you use - for example MySQL or PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Web Hosting
Several of the shared web hosting that we offer are perfect for hosting sites that require a PostgreSQL database to work because they are provided with unlimited database storage space. With all of these packages, you can create and manage any sort of PostgreSQL-driven script application and benefit from an effective and reliable hosting service. We can supply unlimited database storage as we do not manage everything on one and the same server. Alternatively, all the PostgreSQL databases are managed by a different cluster, which is a part of our custom cloud website hosting platform, which means that we can always supply extra hard disks or whole servers to your cluster if needed. With our shared hosting services, you won't ever need to worry that the progress of your sites will be limited because of the low space for your databases.